The rest, the leftover. Hundreds of materials are stored for years in depots - left over because broken, incorrectly cut, too much or simply different from what was originally intended. Yet they are as good as new and actually wonderful. But what if we see the uniqueness of these parts? The beauty of the rest? The specialness of the last of the last? R.I.B. celebrates the beauty of materials. A collection of leftover materials, unique in their materiality: one object is made from leftovers in nine different combinations, each one a unique piece. The object itself must correspond formally to each material, each processing method and each material thickness. The materials - all of them from warehouses of craftsmen - range from the finest stone material to safety sheet metal, from exclusive rarities to standard materials. A cross-section of every day leftovers in our world of perfection and abundance. R.I.B. elevates these materials, places them in a new context and celebrates them in nine objects. The unwanted remainder becomes a desirable individual piece.